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22.11.2011 | kyivweekly.com.ua

Dr. Faust best of the year

Ukrainians end the year on a cheery note thanks to Ukraines darling of boxing, Volodymyr Klitchko. The younger of the two champion boxing brothers has been selected best boxer of the year by the World Boxing Association. Volodymyr has been WBO champion since 2008 and is the absolute world champion in the heavyweight division. Together with brother Vitality, this year they managed to achieve their dream by together holding all of the heavyweight boxing belts in the world. And although the boxing award was only presented to Volodymyr, all Ukrainians know this honour really goes to both brothers, who support each other completely. The Klitchko brothers are not just a source of pride for a morally depressed Ukraine. Their own lives represent a true example to follow for how Ukrainians and country as a whole can shed its soviet past and join the modern world, yet retaining its Ukrainian identity. The tall handsome intelligent brothers teach responsibility they are in a sport when successes and mistakes are solely their own doing there is no goalkeeper to cover for a full backs defensive error. They admirably own up to losses and move forward. Their lifestyle habits are to be admired they undertake grueling physical training. They have reached the heights of learning with each of them achieving doctorates and learning four languages. Their PhD dissertation defenses were probably the best attended in Ukrainian academic history. The brothers have strong moral fiber, generously providing to charitable causes, to their city and church, and Vitaliy has now joined politics. Unlike other superstars, they did not leave the country in the worst days of the 90s. They are dedicated to their family and country, and their primary residence is still Kyiv. The brothers are trying to make Ukraine a better place through their own skills and hard work. We should all do the same. Then perhaps Ukraine can achieve another dream of the brothers a modern, successful state that is part of Europe. Good luck to Volodymyr as he takes on Jean-Marc Momeck Dec. 10 in Dusseldorf!

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