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Ukraine to import coal

05.09.2014 |

For the first time in a long time Ukraine will start imports of power-generating coal for the needs of power plants, said the Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Vadym Ulida. He added that currently it is virtually impossible to provide coal for thermal plants because of the war in the east of country, where the most Ukrainian mines are located.

УI hope that we will start coal imports quite soon,Ф said Ulida. He noted that Ukraine will import coal from Australia, New Zealand and possibly the United States. The ministry informed that at present Ukrainian TPPs suffer an acute shortage of A-class coal Ц the fuel used at half of the stations all over the country.

The ministry also noted that coal reserves are such that according to the optimistic scenario they would be sufficient for 50 days, and based on pessimistic forecasts they would be sufficient only for 11 days.

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