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Gas rates in June

25.07.2014 |

The average price of gas imported to Ukraine amounted to US $281.63 per 1,000 cu m in June 2014 against US $274.14 in May, reported the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade on its website. According to the ministry, the indicators of average customs cost of imported gas have been calculated based on the data of periodic customs declarations (preliminary declaration).

The factual sale price for oil and gas condensate for calculation of the payment for use of the bowels of the earth, as the ministry reported, was UAH 9,373/t in June, which is 1.6% higher than in May (UAH 9.222/t).

As a reminder, in June Ukraine imported 2 bn cu m of gas. Besides import of Russian gas (around 1.7 bn cu m), Ukraine also received gas from Europe through Hungary and Poland (around 0.3 bn cu m).

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