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What the money was spent on

25.07.2014 |

The Finance Ministry transferred UAH 7.616 bn for financing of the army from the reserve fund of the national budget, which is 100% of the plan for March-July, reported the ministrys press service.

Of the allocated amount, UAH 1.246 bn was allocated for the payroll of the servicemen, UAH 180.6 mn for provision of food, UAH 399.7 mn for provision of individual protection items, UAH 1.739 bn for purchase of fuel and lubricants and maintenance of hardware, UAH 3.924 bn for purchase, modernization and repair of military equipment, UAH 83.6 mn for training, purchase of medications and medical equipment, UAH 40 mn for payment of one-time financial assistance to the families of killed servicemen, the ministry said.

In addition, the MinFin stated that the Defense Ministry received UAH 133.5 mn in charity contributions, of which UAH 32.806 mn was used so far. The money received from the charity support was spent for purchase of boots (UAH 5.085 mn), helmets (UAH 366,600), bulletproof vests (294,925), military uniform (UAH 3.347 mn), field uniform (UAH 846,000), special apparel (UAH 285,691), sleeping provision (UAH 20.569 mn), food (UAH32,385), radio stations (UAH 93,653), spare parts for special-purpose vehicles (UAH 249,681), fuel and lubricants (UAH169,293) and other expenses (UAH 1.467 mn).

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