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Cars with powerful engines are popular in Ukraine

Ukrainians refuse to buy fuel efficient cars

30.05.2012 |

The best selling cars in last 4 months of 2012 in Ukraine were cars with an engine volume of 1.6 thousand cubic cm

Second place in popularity took power packs with a 1.4 liter - more than 13% of sales. The third - 1.5 liter - more than 12%. Vehicles with a 2-liter engines - almost 11% (4th).

Among the most popular are diesel 2-liter engines. More than 30% were sold. In second place - 3-liter diesel engines. Almost 18% were sold. The third - 1.6 liter - more than 10%.

Despite the rise in price of fuel, efficient cars with 1.2 and 1.3 liter engines still are not popular. Not to mention the power units with 1 liter and smaller volumes. The sales were so small that, along with other unpopular engines, small cars fell in the category of ´other´. Our people still preferpowerful engines rather than fuel efficiency.

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