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09.04.2012 | By Lev Kamenev

Organizers, municipal authorities, volunteers, police, doctors, hotel owners and others are not the only ones involved in preparations for EURO 2012 in Ukraine in the host cities. Employees in the sex industry are getting ready for the major football event and have great expectations

Nobody likes to speak about this issue out loud.

Nevertheless, it will play an important role in how the guests of EURO 2012 spend their free time and what impressions they will bring home from Ukraine. It is no secret that Ukraine is among the top countries in Europe in sex tourism (Odesa is currently the top city), not to mention the spreading of AIDS. The number of prostitutes in the country ranges from 110,000 to 250,000 and every fourth prostitute in countries of Western Europe is Ukrainian. Compared with other countries of Europe, sexual services in Poland and Ukraine are cheap. That is why these countries could become an attractive place for sex tourists that are also football fans, reads a report for UEFA published by Polish Newsweek.

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So, Kyiv has good chances of becoming the capital of the European sex industry during EURO 2012. While prostitution in Ukraine is not legalized, it is also not too punishable as a crime. In fact, it is merely considered an administrative violation. Prostitutes and pimps earn around US $700 mn annually on the streets of Ukraine and pay ridiculously low fines in the range of UAH 170-850.

Kyiv prostitutes are an integral part of recreation for any strata of the citys residents, reads the first page of one of many sex portals in the Ukrainian Internet. Recruitment of Ukrainian girls to the sex industry was organized in the nations capital a long time ago. There are many announcements in the Internet where pimps openly offer work for prostitutes, though they go by the attractive and hidden banner of escort services.

Prostitutes with a good education and knowledge of a foreign language will be very high in demand during EURO 2012. Here is an example of a typical announcement: Sphere of activity intimate services, escorting and accompaniment. We hire beautiful, slender girls aged 18-30. Requirements: conversational English and a high level of intellect.

Knowledge of a foreign language automatically increases the price of a prostitute by 1.5-2 times. The prices of our services start at UAH 500 per hour. However, if it is required that a girl speak some English, the price will start at US $100 per hour, KW was told in one of the Kyiv escort agencies. Those who want to earn money offering sex services in Kyiv also have great possibilities. Any girl can place her announcement for UAH 150 on the website and start up her sex business right from her home.

My friend and I came from Chernihiv. We rented an apartment. Now, each of us has two clients per day on average. But we think that during EURO 2012 there will be more clients. We are currently learning the most essential phrases for communication in English, German and French. We also bought national costumes I think the foreigners will like that, tells Marina, whose information was placed on a sex dating website.

Meanwhile, escort agency representatives say that despite the high number of the so-called independent prostitutes, they have no problems in finding new employees. New girls are hired in different ways. Some are found through from announcements. If they are satisfied with the job, they bring their friends. Independent prostitutes present no competition for us. They live off accidental earnings and we have a well-organized business, says Milena, a manager of a local escort agency. During the previous EURO 2008, the hopes of prostitutes for high earnings did not come true. One of the main reasons was that the prices of sexual services were extremely high in Austria and Switzerland. This, however, will not be a problem for Ukrainian prostitutes.

In other host cities of Ukraine, workers in the sex industry are also preparing for EURO 2012. In Donetsk, Deputy Director of the Department for Fighting Human Trafficking Andriy Nebytov said he was despondent that prostitution in Ukraine has not been legalized. I am in favor of increasing fines for prostitution, but not for criminal liability. If prostitution is legalized, many girls who failed to find a job with decent pay will start looking for a job in the sphere of sexual services, says Nebytov.

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