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Airports in for hot summer

27.02.2012 | By Lev Kamenev

Ukraine has fulfilled the task of reconstruction and equipping of airports in the host cities of EURO 2012 by 95%. Along with that the training of personnel is under way that is aimed at guaranteeing the proper level of service for guests of EURO 2012

A number of tests were planned and are currently under way at each of the airports in the four host cities. In the course of the testing volunteers are making sure that different aspects in the process of welcoming passengers are in place and functioning smoothly. For example, over a hundred volunteers participated in testing when the registration desks were put into operation in Terminal D at Boryspil International Airport (BIA). They were given boarding passes, baggage tags were printed and the baggage was sent through the baggage system that fully replicates real life conditions. In addition to that, some volunteers played the role of foreign citizens speaking only in English with the airport personnel. Volunteers also did the first testing of the new terminal at the Donetsk International Airport.


After reconstruction, every airport will boast a special feature. For example, Boryspil management is particularly proud of its new Terminal D where the mechanism of a multi-level division of processes for the first time in Ukraine. For example, the whole lower level is occupied by an automated baggage processing system. On the second level there is the arrival hall and on the top level is the hall for registration and departures. A system of walkways and escalators will help passengers move between the levels and through a rather large gallery that connects 11 exits. The gallery also opens a beautiful view to the landing strip, which will allow air travelers to watch airplanes landing and taking off.

Exits for boarding are equipped with a special system that will help pilots navigate the aircraft safely to the air bridge. The new D ramp will help effectively organize servicing of aircraft that are just taxiing in. This summer the airport will be extremely busy and all airport services in host cities will be overloaded beyond capacity. It has already been estimated that approximately 26,000 English fans and 11,000 French fans are expected to arrive for the England vs. France match in Donetsk on June 11.

Generally speaking, thanks to EURO 2012 Ukraine has good chances of becoming a huge attraction for foreigners this year. In particular, Ukraine was included in the rubric Where to go in 2012 among five countries that are advised to visit this year in the January 7, 2012 issue of the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. It is not surprising that four months prior to EURO 2012, there is ticket hype in Europe for flights to Ukraine. Im not interested in football, but I wanted to visit my son in Dnipropetrovsk in June, a resident of the German city Bremen Ilya Aranovskiy told Kyiv Weekly. I was astonished by the prices of June flights as they were twice those of usual tickets. So, I will most likely have to pass on this trip.

A round trip from Frankfurt-on-Main - Kyiv today costs EUR 380. In June, flights from Frankfurt to Boryspil will cost EUR 722 and ticket fares from Kyiv to Frankfurt are over EUR 1,000 in the first days of July.

Though the prices of tickets differ somewhat depending on dates and cities, the trend is the same for all airlines: the closer it is to the final the more expensive the tickets get. We are already observing a high level of interest in Polish and Ukrainian destinations, said Lufthansa official representative Klaus Gorny. We will be increasing the capacity of aircraft on Ukrainians routes, but we are not planning additional flights for the period of EURO 2012. The final prices of flight tickets are to be announced.

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