Euro 2012

Poland wrings hands, Ukraine rubs hands

26.12.2011 |

Results of the EURO 2012 draw are more optimistic for Ukraine than for Poland. Experts forecast that fans from abroad will spend in Poland approximately 900 mn zloty (over US $280 mn) during the championship, while in Ukraine they may spend the equivalent of 1.5 bn zloty (approximately US $470 mn). The Polish periodical Fakt noted that a worse situation is anticipated in Warsaw and Wroclaw, where the national teams of Greece, the Czech Republic and Russia will play. Their fans are not known for splurging during such sporting events. The Polish authorities should also not place their hopes on fans from countries that will watch the matches in fan zones as they did not buy tickets to the stadiums, for example fans from England or the Netherlands, whose national teams will play in Ukraine.


The Internet source Wirtualna Polska described the draw a business disaster for Poland. Regardless of the fact that Group A is a bonus for the Polish national team, the tourism industry is wringing its hands. Almost all countries from the so-called PIIGS groups (the most indebted European countries) Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain will play in Poland in the primary stage of EURO 2012. To have the whole nine yards, only Portugal is missing, Adam Czernjak, an expert at the Warsaw School of Economics, joked. A situation that is good for our national team is not necessarily favorable for the Polish economy. Fans from the Czech Republic, Russia and Greece will not come in groves and will not stay for long, he added.

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