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At least 10 teams chose to be based in Ukraine

26.12.2011 |

A minimum of 10 national football teams competing in the EURO 2012 championships next summer will spend most of their time at the tournament in Ukraine. The Swedish national team seem to have chosen the best accommodation. The first rival to Ukraines national team will play three matches in Kyiv and be accommodated at the FC Dynamo Kyiv sports training complex at the suburban area Koncha-Zaspa. Travel time from there to the National Olympic Stadium in skiy (NSC Olimiyskiy) is a mere 3040 minutes.

The French team will have to fly to Kyiv and then transfer to Donetsk. Ukraines national team will travel to the training ground of FC Metalurg Donetsk after its first match against Sweden. The English team gave preference to Krakow. However, according to the announced training schedule the team will only conduct acclimatization workouts in the picturesque Polish city, but will meet fans and hold press conferences in the host cities where it will play matches.

The schedule is as follows: Day 1 arrival to the host city, Day 2 match and Day 3 departure to the place of accommodation. As the matches will be held every fourth day, one can easily calculate that the English will spend most of its time at the training gounds in Donetsk and Kyiv. Four teams from Group B, which will play in Kharkiv and Lviv, also the English. Another two teams will choose Ukrainian bases after it becomes clear which teams will play in the quarter-finals. Spain and Italy will most likely advance to this stage. Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Portugal will have to chose between Kharkiv and Lviv.

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