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Anti-hool system starts working

12.12.2011 |

The National Football Information Office (NFIO) was set up in Ukraine on the infrastructure of the Interior Ministry especially for EURO 2012. The office will control European ultra fans, said First Deputy Director of the EURO 2012 National Agency Oleksandr Birsan. The NFIO was formed on the infrastructure of the MIA. This office will deal with hooligan sports fans, so-called ultras, registered in European databases, he said.


Birsan explained that hooligans are registered in the NFIO databases by names and UEFA uses such information to limit their access to matcches. He noted that the NFIO is already up and running in Ukraine. Indeed, on the eve of the Zenit FC (St. Petersburg) Shakhtar FC (Donetsk) match on October 19, Ukrainian law enforcers received a list of more than 100 Russian fans not permitted to travel abroad. Information was submitted to the State Border Service of Ukraine and 7 football fans were denied entry into Ukraine.

The majority of football hooligans will, most likely, refuse to travel to Ukraine. This will be the evidence of the successful operation of the NFIO in Ukraine. These troublemaking fans understand that the NFIO database is operating in Ukraine, said Birsan.

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