Euro 2012

Smokers to be kicked out of stadiums

06.12.2011 |

Football fans that violate the UEFA ban on smoking during games of the European football championships will be escorted out of stadiums, Euro 2012 Director in Ukraine Markian Lubkivskiy announced. There will be no smoking zones inside the stadiums. On October 20 of this year UEFA for the first time in its history approved a decision to prohibit smoking, sale and advertising of cigarettes inside stadiums hosting football games and on their peripheral territory. We hope this will help us and the host city as it is our common problem, Lubkivskiy noted.

A tobacco-free Euro 2012 is respect to the health of our fans and all other participants of the tournament, said EUFA President Michel Platini. During our main tournament we support high standards of health, security and comfort. Tobacco is not part of these standards, Platini added. Just recently European Commissioner on Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth Andrulla Vassiliu called on the authorities of cities hosting Euro 2012 to enforce the ban on smoking on public transport, as well as in restaurants and fan zones.

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